Getting started#

๐Ÿš€ Installation methods#

There are two ways this project can be used. Please select one of the following installation methods:


Composer (recommended)

This is the most convenient and best performing way.

It requires Composer and PHP to be installed on your computer. If you donโ€™t have them installed, you can still use the alternative method with Docker.

Start using Composer

_images/docker.png _images/docker-white.png


Use this method if you cannot meet all requirements of the recommended way using Composer. This might be the case if you donโ€™t have Composer or PHP installed or if any of the installed versions are outdated.

The only requirement with this method is a local Docker installation.

Start using Docker

๐Ÿ“ฆ Project templates#

Every project is created from a project template. Templates are distributed as Composer packages. They can be published in various ways:

  • Public Composer package on Packagist

  • Composer package on other Composer registries, e.g. self-hosted Satis

  • VCS repository, e.g. GitHub or GitLab

Every package contains a various set of project template files. During project creation, these templates are filled with information from the generation process.

Available packages#

The following public project templates are currently available:

_images/typo3.svg _images/typo3-white.svg

TYPO3 CMS project

A complete template for new TYPO3 CMS projects, including a ready-to-use DDEV configuration and basic configuration for deployment with Deployer.

Package name: cpsit/typo3-project-template

See also

Explore all publicly available project templates on Packagist.


If you want your project template to be listed here, feel free to submit a pull request.